The Closet Of Kruse

noviembre 16, 2009, 7:26 pm
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1. Connect two pipe cleaners by twisting them together and then form them to look like bunny ears. Save a few centimeters to connect with the diadem in the next step.
2. Attatch the formed pipe cleaner ears to the diadem by twisting the ends of the pipe cleaner ears on to the diadem.
3. Now cover the diadem with the rest of the pipe cleaners to get a furry look! Just twist them on there!
4. This is what it should look like now.
5. Measure the lace and cut it a couple of centimeters outside of the ears shape.
6. Now it’s time to sew. Get needle and thread and make a few stitches around the ears. I made a stitch about every three centimeters. When you’re done you can cut the lace the way you want it, more or less outside the edges of the ears.
7. Ok, so now you done! Get your ears on!


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